Soul Purpose Blueprint


In this transformational system, you will:

  • Realize your Soul Purpose Profile, that unique pattern being projected all around you, carrying your soul signature – but which we rarely see.
  • Connect with The Heartbreak Bridge, that deeper mission of your heart that holds a powerful clue to your purpose.
  • Discover your Soul Purpose Archetypal Patterns - that authentic expression of your talents, gifts, or abilities.
  • Uncover your Vision Blinders – those unconscious commitments blocking you from clearly seeing and fully committing to your highest purpose.
  • Learn The 3 Soul Purpose Pillars, the three parts of a True Vision that must be established to achieve your Soul Purpose.
  • Clearly see The 7 Soul Purpose Perceptions, the 7 windows through which we see life — and through which our purpose fulfills itself.
  • Tap into your Soul Purpose Power Source, a process that activates your sacred fuel and makes you truly unstoppable in achieving your vision.
  • Develop The Quantum Plan, which will show you how to create your Soul Purpose Compass, become a One Minute Mystic, have The Greatest Day of Your Life, and design The Year That Changes Everything.

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